Project for Sesame HR Suite
UX research, Wireframing & Prototyping
About the company:
Sesame HR offers features and quick solutions for Human Resources management.

New feature:
"Killer questions"

Who requested it?
Sesame Administrators with Human Resources Role who have a high volume of candidates want to
manage better in the Recruitment section of Sesame.

Make it possible for the administrators with Human Resources Role to be able to configure "Killer questions"
for each 
vacancy they want to publish.

Use case example:
An administrator with a Human Resources Role has created a requisition called “UX/UI Designer” and
to publish it so that candidates can sign up for she. As it is a very specific vacancy, you would like to
add in the process of registration of the candidate "Killer questions" to better filter the candidates and optimize
screening time.

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